Export control matters handled

  • Export trade regulations and issues
  • Legal opinions and guidance
  • Agency commodity jurisdiction and classification requests
  • Voluntary disclosures, settlement negotiations, and agency enforcement actions
  • Export Compliance Program (manual, procedures, training, recordkeeping)
  • Export audits
  • Operational procedures:
    • ITAR registrations, notifications of changes, brokering activities, and Part 130 reporting
    • ITAR (category/subcategory) and EAR (Export Classification Control Number (ECCN))/schedule b classifications
    • Export control license/agreement determination (Commerce, State, OFAC), applications, amendments, accompanying attachments, rider or conditions
    • Encryption and technology transfers, and software export/re-export rules/filings
    • Denied/restricted party screening
    • Automated Export System (AES) filings
    • INCOTERMS interpretations
    • Sanctions, embargoes, and anti-boycott compliance
  • Detentions/holds, seizures, and seizure options (petition for remission of forfeiture, offer in compromise, abandon, court action)
  • ¬†Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA):
    • Litigation
    • Internal investigations
    • Proposed business transactions
    • Compliance policies and procedures

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